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Economic Impact of Agriculture in Ontario's Greenbelt Region

March 2022

SUMMIT72 has completed a significant economic impact assessment of the agricultural sector in Ontario's Greenbelt Region. One of the key findings of the study is that the Greenbelt's agri-food sector generated an estimated $4.1 billion in GDP and almost 59,000 jobs in 2020. These numbers demonstrate the significant economic contributions of the agricultural sector in the Greenbelt, and highlight the importance of this industry to the region's economy.

The study also identified a number of opportunities for growth and expansion in the Greenbelt's agricultural sector. This includes the potential for increased production and sale of local food, as well as the development of new technologies and practices that can support sustainable and resilient agriculture. Overall, the economic impact assessment provides valuable insights into the contributions and potential of the Greenbelt's agricultural sector, and will help to inform future decisions and strategies within the region.

View the Greenbelt press release and report here.

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