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Scale the Peaks of Value Creation

When you are exploring new territory, an experienced guide is essential.  SUMMIT72 is an independent infrastructure and economic advisory firm specializing in corporate finance, economic analysis, and valuation.  We build comprehensive financial models and complete financial analysis that supports sound business decisions.  

SUMMIT72 relies on research-based strategies anchored to empirical data. The foundation of our quantitative strategy approach is a focus on both data and narratives to inform sound business decisions. We make use of publicly available data to deliver valuable analysis and insight.

Our core belief is that narratives and numbers are both essential features of any business transaction. Based on our experience we originated the VAC tool, which enables you to channel your creative business idea and clearly map out a path to tangible shareholder value.

Power generation from hydro, wind, natural gas,  and coal


SUMMIT72 has extensive experience in power generation.  We have evaluated over 3000 megawatts of power projects including:

  • Solar

  • Hydro

  • Wind

  • Natural gas

  • Geothermal

  • Flare to power

evaluation of pipeline and transportation projects


Our advisory services in rail and pipeline projects include:

  • Facility development

  • Pipeline expansions 

  • Rail yard and port expansions

  • Large scale equipment acquisitions

  • Cost of service business models

Analysis of real estate projects, IT and Biotechnology

Real Estate & Technology

  • Valuation of over CAD $2B in real estate assets for development and/or divestiture

  • Capital planning experience managing a portfolio of CAD $200M in IT projects

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